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3 min readNov 11, 2021

Investment needs great knowledge to gain the most out of it. There comes a lot of difficulty to find out the right platform to invest in and carry out trade in the most profitable way.

The world is changing so is our platform. Winve offers you many reasons to get involved into its community to become a part of something great and lets you earn and win more and more. It enhances staking, lending and yield farming through its token known as WINS.

The platform utilizes the power of Binance smart chain to bridge all the gaps coming in interconnecting with defi world.

How WINVE is beneficial for its users in the long term to capture the market trend

Winve allows almost everyone to stake cryptos and thereby earn more and more coins to double their crypto holdings and earnings.

There are many of the advantages involved while dealing in this platform which makes it more unique and amazing from others that are-

Ø It does not involved the participation of any third party in all its operation and eliminate all the intermediaries making it more secured and safe.

Ø It operates in permission-less ecosystem and all the activities takes place automatically until and unless there is enough liquidity.

Ø It offers you rewards and high returns on its staking depending upon the tenure.

Ø Winve also offers a decentralized exchange platform that allows swapping with the use of automated market maker model.

Ø Winve tokens powered secured payments

Ø It also offers rewards for new users to join via reference of existing users.

WINS Staking Income

Wins enables you to earn high returns on their stakes and ensures the stability of the system. The Winve network enjoys the proof of stake algorithm.

The guaranteed APY is offered as per the tenure of the staking and different staking period are delegated with specific names. These are listed below:

ü 100% APY is guaranteed on the staking tenure of 6 months

ü 200% APY is guaranteed on the staking tenure of 12 months

ü 250% APY is guaranteed on the staking tenure of 24 months

ü 300% APY is guaranteed on the staking tenure of 36 months

And so on…

The tokens staked in farms can be withdrawn anytime. There is no such boundaries on the exit and entry.

Winve aims to create the most emerging and engaging defi platform to increase the profit instantly. It is indeed a growing and a trusted NFT yield farming platform to make money.

Do more with your crypto and get the most out of with Winve because it is the only way to win and get succeed.

The WINVE pre-sale will be live soon.

Get ready to open up your wallet and grab your tokens at lower price and create your future to the next level.

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