How WINS Token helps you in building your standard in online digital payment?

2 min readOct 9, 2021

Most of the assets can be a good investment only if you buy at the right price

Key Points:

Ø Winve is a unique decentralized finance NFT market place and a non governance community

Ø Winve yield farming platform involves staking or lending your crypto assets

Winve is a revolutionary NFT yield farming platform which can help the worldwide community to increase their profit instantly. It is a community powered ecosystem built on Binance smart chain blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

WINS is the official token of the WINVE that enhance farming, staking, earnings, trade settlements and huge gains across various blockchains.

Brings standard in the online digital payment

Winve is a secured ,transparent and trustworthy crypto exchange platform. It ensures researches in the market and helps you to increase your assets in any market trend so as to make it a better place to buy, sell and re-sell NFTs within seconds.

The Winve token “WINS” is designed in such a way that it provides sufficient returns and rewards to its users and the token holders depending upon the tenure of the holder.

It provides the most unique trading incentive system that traders can get extra token rewards in every trading in specialized trading pairs.

To put it simple, here is the structure of the WINS token-

I. Cost of WINS token — $0.28

II. Terms of token sale — 75 days with the possibilities of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO

III. Technical limitations of tokens — 300,000,000

IV. Secured ways to purchase tokens — BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB

V. Hardcap — $47,000,000

The Winve development team believes in unlocking the true power of the digital economy where the value can flow across the globe unconstrained.

That’s what Winve is for and that’s what Winve is going to do.

It helps in increasing the earnings and improve the future to the next level.

Time to double your crypto holdings with WINS token and get ready to boost your passive earning.


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A Unique decentralized finance NFT market place.A largest popular non governance community.